News Release

In class, we were assigned to create a news release based on a given topic assigned by our teacher. In the news release, it needed to have a headline, lead paragraph, and body. Also, the format needed follow the APA writing style guide.

Letter to the editor

In MC 3001, we were assigned to write a letter to the editor of a company of our choice. The letter needed to address a certain top or issue and identify why it is important. More importantly, the letter needed to address the editor properly.  

Final Project- Poster

This was my final project poster for MC 2015. I had to create a poster which would be placed on a social media platform of my choice. I enjoyed taking pictures of Myla and editing the photos in Adobe photoshop.

Final project- social media

This is another edited photo I chose to display on Instagram. This picture is my absolute favorite. It is almost as if Myla is “smiling’ instead of yawning. Through photoshop I was able to manipulate photo by making it brighter.  

Final Project- Poster

For my final project, I decided to take pictures and videos of my friends dog Myla. The reason why I did my project on her and not on my own pets is because I wanted a challenge. I wanted to make Myla interesting for myself and for others. Through this process I was able to…

Social media poster

In this project, I challenged myself to not create a generic political poster. Therefore, I used the element of Abstract shape. To the audience,it is easy to tell who the silhouettes are. However, this is not a natural shape so it makes the poster more authentic.

Political Poster

This is by far my favorite piece of work. I creatively challenged myself for this to be my best. A simple tool on Adobe helped add so much character. The eraser tool helped me make sure that the audience would be directed to the title. The title is unique because it looks like it’s been ripped.

Photo Essay

The pictures I incorporated in this project showed the relationship between my parents and our pets. You will see the bond my family shares with our unlikely pets. My goal was to trigger an emotional appeal to the first picture. Also, I used the design element of organic shapes. Which were the scenery in each picture.


This was my first project in Mass Communication 2015. So honestly, I was terrified. Even though this project was not my favorite it gave me a sense of what to expect in the class. Also, it gave me the foundation I needed to perform well on my other projects. I used the the basic elements of design. I organized the information in hierarchical order. The use of lines helped space the information too.


The creation of my resume was very fun to me. It allowed me to show myself through design. However, I made many simple mistakes. Such as not aligning my work. Which is very important in organizing your information. If your work is not aligned it can be very distracting to the eye.